Typically, Locum Tenens assignments are available in almost all of the 50 states in the US. Nevertheless, before a physician can commence an assignment, it is required that he or she be licensed to work in that state. However, there is a common exception to this rule when on government assignment, such as VA hospitals, because they usually accept all state licenses.
If you have interest in working in a state where you are not yet licensed, Lexx Healthcare consultants can take you by hand and walk you through the entire process.

Licensing is part of job search across the country whether you are switching to a job in a new state or looking to complement your income with Locum Tenens opportunities. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by it. The most important thing is to have your documents and records ready whenever they are needed.

A staffing agency such as Lexx Healthcare can also help with licensing. Lexx Healthcare is an agency with experience in licensing and enough support staff to ensure they can minimize your need to be involved in the process. Also, Lexx has cordial relationships with state boards across the country. Choosing to work with Lexx Healthcare will be efficient and, in most cases, expedite your licensure.

Ready to put a personal consultant to work for you?

Do you have any questions about state licenses or required documentation? Reach out to a Lexx consultant who will be glad to help you throughout the entire process!