Many healthcare providers we work with are not aware of the ways locum tenens can work for them. Traditionally, providers are encouraged to jump right into full-time positions, but there are many, many, reasons to consider working locum tenens assignments, whether you’re fresh out of residency or a seasoned veteran.

More Time for What’s Important

With a permanent assignment, you might be close to home and be able to see your family each night, but how much of that time spent is quality time? Full-time providers are typically obligated to work a minimum number of shifts/hours per month. With the flexibility of locum tenens assignments, you could complete your shifts all at once and have the rest of the month to spend with family, friends, and on hobbies.  The trade-off for those days you are away is enjoying the rest of the month seeing your children off in the morning and again right after school, enjoying time away with your partner, or finally learning to paint or speak a new language.

More Money

Surveys indicate that locum tenens doctors can make up to 1.5 times that of their counterparts working full-time. This adds up to thousands of dollars each year if you work full time on locum tenens assignments.  Even if you fall into the category of permanently employed providers or are part of a practice, locum tenens work can be a great way to supplement your income. Plenty of our providers take on assignments seasonally, for a boost if their expenses have been running a little high or if they’d simply like to add to their savings. Either way you look at it, locum tenens provides an opportunity to increase your earnings and further your financial goals.

The kind of work you want, when you want it

As a locum tenens provider, you’ll have the opportunity to experience different medical settings without being locked into any of them. Work across the USA and find the environment that uses your potential to its greatest. It may be that you best apply your expertise in low-volume facilities or that you’re a pro at time-management and flourish at a higher-volume facility. Locum tenens enables you to work in your specialty and put all those years of school and training to good use.

Your Skills Are In Demand

Recent studies show a shortage of providers that is only getting worse as time goes on. Between worsening shortages and physician burnout, the number of facilities seeking locum tenens providers is increasing. Your skills can help keep a struggling facility afloat while they build up their roster of physicians or in an especially busy period.

Professional Assistance

Lexx Healthcare is your ally. After your internal credentialing is complete, we handle many of the details with your external credentialing for each assignment. We assist with licensing and even keep track of your certifications so you’re always in fine shape for work.

Explore the World

Have you seen the Rocky Mountains? The Grand Canyon? Ever been skiing or canoeing? Locum tenens assignments can take you from sea to shining sea if you’d like. Maybe you’ve been looking to move and want to see your options.  Explore new states, cities, and hobbies while you earn money.

You’re In Control

You are in control of when and where you work. We schedule work for the dates that you provide, and we confirm them with you. Part of this confirmation is your compensation rate. All of these details are proposed and confirmed by you before we officially schedule you for work at an assignment, so you can plan your schedule and finances accordingly. If you plan well, you could spend half the year working and building up your savings and the other half however you’d like.