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Provider Shortages are on the Rise

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has shown data for the past couple of years pertaining to the shortages on medical providers across the United States. Every specialty has been facing a shortage of providers and the association in June of 2020 claimed that the healthcare industry would face between 54,100 and 139,000 shortages in both primary and specialty care.  The projected shortages will rise between 46,90 and 121,900 in physicians alone by 2032.

Every day the population in the United States is aging and growing larger. The country is creating and fighting against tobacco usage, diabetes, and other lead causes of death. With every step the U.S. takes forward in reducing these high risks, the medical industry takes on more work. Not only will the shortages on physicians rise but also every other aspect of the healthcare community. The association claims that the United States will need an additional 95,900 physicians, which do not include the shortages the healthcare industry faces currently.

A lot of these shortages are found in smaller, rural areas. Even though major cities will face similar shortages in these ongoing years, many of the smaller cities struggle with staffing their schedules.

The goal at Lexx Healthcare is the help alleviate those struggles and fill our clients’ schedules. We understand the ongoing need for medical providers and no matter the specialty, we have credentialed providers that are ready to help.