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Provider Credentialing

The Lexx Healthcare credentialing team is here to help. Our credentialing team helps with any facility paperwork and keeping our internally credentialed medical providers aware of certifications and licenses that may be expiring soon.

We use your Lexx application and our internal checklist to:

  • Prefill any hospital or facility applications.
  • Verifying that the dates on provider’s CV are correct.
  • Help adjusting provider CV’s with both our internal application and with verifications we receive for both education and work history.
  • Making sure that all our internally credentialed provider has an updated CV and making sure it looks professional.
  • Letting our internally credentialed provider know when their licenses and documents are expiring.
  • Guiding them on how to update any of their information.

For more details, please contact our director of credentialing.

  • Sanjae Peart