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Clients and Providers Testimonials

My name is Dr. Catherine Langston, and I have had the pleasure of working with Lexx Healthcare for the past six years. I only have warm fuzzy feelings to tell you about. Being a Locum provider can sometimes be a wild adventure. Working at Lexx I always feel that my expectations are exceeded. Whether you need a new bed at your hotel, food delivered to an airport because you are stranded or a spot to work where your elderly mother lives; Lexx Brings it: every time.!!

I consider it a professional privilege to work with Scott Watson and Craig Levy. They are so DOPE!! And a shoutout to Keesha, Laura, Sanjae, and Elaine for being just awesome!!

I anticipate a long and productive career with Lexx Healthcare. Like we always say



“Next month will be August 2020 and it will mark four years that I embarked on a new journey practicing emergency medicine as a Locum Tenens working for Lexx Healthcare in Coral Spring, Florida. I had exclusively worked as an employee or independently contracted ED physician since 2003 at several hospitals. Initially, I had fear and anxiety making the transition as a Locum Tenens emergency physician but Lexx has provided everything that I need to be successful. Throughout my four years working with them I’ve never had any issues with credentialing, travel arrangements, or scheduling. At each step of the way, Terun Pelletier has been there, offering not only support business wise, but also personally. She is always willing and ready to help with any issues that arise. The role she has played in this company has truly made me love the decision I made to begin and continue working as Locum Tenens physician for Lexx Healthcare”.

Sincerely Yours,

Lyndon Hohenkirk MD

I have worked with Lexx Health for one year now.  They always treat me with respect and care on a personal level. Paychecks are always on time and if you have a concern, they address it. I am not just a number to them. I would DEFINITELY recommend them to any provider. They find you a job that is a good fit for

you. Erica is my go-to and recruiter! She is wonderful! When you work for Lexx you are part of a caring team and you are valued as such. Come on! What are you waiting for? Come find the job meant for you today!”

Nita FNP

“It has been a pleasure to work with Craig Levy, at Lexx Healthcare, for the past 5 years.

As a full-time Locums Tenens physician, it is important to work with a company that has your back. Lexx Healthcare provides not just potential contracts at competitive rates but also reliable travel arrangements, prompt payment for services and knowledgeable credentialing services. They are a company that represents the physician, as well as the client.”

Rory Tropp, M.D., F.A.C.E.P

“I am an unusually fortunate person who has honestly loved being a Primary Care Physician for an unusually long career.

Several years ago, I communicated with Jeremy Blasbalg about my newly discovered enjoyment of working as a Hospitalist. He invited me to consider taking that aspect of my career “on the road,” since I had only performed that aspect of healthcare delivery in my home hospital for a few years.

A couple years went by before I had the opportunity to actually work for Lexx Healthcare. I cannot give you any comparison comments to other organizations and other recruiters because I had no incentive to look elsewhere. Working with Jeremy has been a totally positive experience. He has not missed any opportunities to enhance the quality of my employment. He has not been just collegial and collaborative, but has been proactive and practical, and has demonstrated a commitment to universal protection.”


“I have been working together with Lexx Healthcare and Terun Pelletier for more than 6 years now. They are my family, sometimes I call them just because I miss them or because I had a rough day. They are always very proffesional and receptive and provide me with continuous work opportunities. I never thought about leaving them. On the contrary, I foud myself wanting to work with them more and more”.

Peter Balazs, MD

“Lexx Healthcare is an amazing Locums Group. I have been with Scott the Owner, and Craig my “recruiter” for over 3 years.

It’s different when you can pick up the phone and talk to the owner of a Locums company. It cuts out the “BS”! Scott is a stand-up guy who will look for work, get the best rate and keep you comfortable. Then there is Craig- smart, efficient and will “go to bat for you”.

What can I say? I love and appreciate these guys. Don’t be fooled by the intimacy one gets working with Lexx Healthcare, they are a big group with jobs all over the country. I personally limited myself to WV, DE, IA, and FL.

I thank them for the income and service they have provided for me to take care of my family. Stay safe.

Jim “OT” Omatseye Jr., MD Emergency Medicine Parkland, FL

“I have worked with LexxHealth for approximately one year. The experience has been very professional. The personnel have been very efficient and business like. I have had the pleasure of working with Dane Longa, the Emergency Medical Consultant, and have always been updated in a timely manner and kept informed regarding any necessary changes. The honesty and genuine concern in assisting with my work arrangements have been outstanding”.


Vanessa L. Pitts M.D.

“I have worked with Jeremy Blasbalg from Lexx Health Care for the past many years & I am very pleased with his professional ethics & integrity. He is very dependable, honest & trustworthy & promptly responds to my call or request”.

Sodaran P. Jacob MD

“Keesha, Laura, Scott — and everyone I have interacted with at Lexx — have gone out of their way to support me. Scott continually goes out of his way to make sure I have the job I want at a difficult time, and I really feel like the whole team is on my side.”


Samar Mehta, MD

I have worked with Terun Pelletier and Lexx Healthcare for 1 yr. This was my first, and only, locum tenens assignment and I can say that it has been a pleasure to work with the team. Terun and her team have been attentive and informative every step of the way. I would absolutely love to continue to work with them now and in the future.


Amanda Stewart, MD Maternal Fetal Medicine

“Lexx healthcare has been a pleasure to work with. They are small enough to give you personal attention and yet large enough to get you good opportunities!”

Candace Johnson Kimpson MD

Working with Jeremy and Lexx Healthcare has been a great experience. They are friendly and professional and take the extra step to help with paperwork, my schedule, travel arrangements, and pay. I recommend anyone to work with Jeremy and Lexx Healthcare.

Jignesh Patel MD

“I had an exceptional experience working with Dane Longa. He is experienced, professional, and reliable. The team at Lexx Healthcare negotiated my contracts, kept my credentialing up to date, and accommodated my complex schedule. I appreciate their hard work to ensure that the process was as seamless as possible.”

-Dr. K. Ryan

Jeremy is great to work with, he cares about the assignment and the facility and works hard for you.

Vallie Kaprelian, MD


I love working with the Lexx Healthcare team, they treat you like family.

I have worked with a few other companies but Lexx is very reliable, punctual, and up to the date with information.

I highly recommend Lexx Healthcare Fawzia.


Fawzia Salahuddin, MD,MHS-CL, FACP.


Working with Lexx Health has been a pleasurable experience. They’re very professional and give competitive rates.

Dr. Okafor

The team at Lexx Healthcare was very professional and spared no effort to find the exact ER work environment.

I was looking for. Dane has been my primary contact and he was fabulous in tracking down the perfect fit.

He didn’t stop there and was a tremendous help in coordinating the mountains of paperwork and applications down to arranging the final work schedules. They are the A team!



Charles Adam, MD

Jeremy and his company have been one of the best recruiters I have worked with. He is very personal and professional and easy to work with. He gets the job done quickly and on time. Always pleasant. I highly recommend Mr. Blasbalg and Lexx Healthcare for the work that anyone needs to have done efficiently.

Ratchnee France MD

I highly recommend working with Jeremy at Lexx Healthcare. Jeremy’s enthusiasm is contagious and readily apparent in interactions with all his associates including client hospitals, credentialing specialists, accountants, and others. In my experience, always honest, upfront, efficient, and responsive to any question. Jeremy goes the extra mile for whatever is needed. I cannot say enough good about working with Jeremy and Lexx including interviews, credentialing, scheduling, and payment.

Carolyn M. Waldo, M.D.

Lexx has given me good job sites, great support, prompt, and accurate payment… and superbly friendly recruiters.



Charles Stewart MD EMDM MPH

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