Mental Health Days and Why They are Important.

Why are mental health days so important? 

The daily stress of preparing your kids for school, working your 9-5, figuring out how to make ends meet, car troubles, and so forth can cause an overload of emotions. When trying to wind down and talk yourself off the edge, it may be difficult because those constant stressors run repeatedly. That feeling can cause people to not focus on their jobs or lash out at the wrong people, and that is why mental health days are so important. Everyone has their bad days, and taking a moment to breathe and reduce burnout is highly beneficial.  

How to prepare for a mental health day. 

Prepare a day in advance and request that time off from work or any other obligations you may have. Planning will help guarantee the day off from work and save you the stress of being behind on any assignments or meetings. When taking a mental health day, do not pick up your phone for work or deal with issues that may cause you stress. Instead, spend the day reading, at the beach, sitting by your pool, etc. The purpose of a mental health day is to relax and take some time from those stressors in your life. You are figuring out when the best time to take a mental health day is simple. When you are feeling overwhelmed at work and are having trouble focusing on the task at hand, or you feel yourself becoming short-tempered and lashing out on the wrong individuals, these may be signs that you need to take a mental health day.  

Consider taking a long weekend. 

Rather than taking a single mental health day, consider taking a long weekend. When we work every day and do not reap the rewards of handwork, we may not feel the hard work is worth it. When you get the opportunity to take a long weekend and drink some Pina Coladas beachside, you may realize that working hard does pay off. Having the chance to enjoy the money you make and relax at the same time is highly beneficial for both our mindset and driving us to work harder. On long weekends such as Memorial Day or Labor Day, you should take that time to vacation down in the Florida Keys or rent a cabin in the Rocky Mountains. Anything to help you appreciate the hard work you give your company will inspire you to work harder after returning to work.  

What and how to spend your mental health day. 

When preparing for your mental health day, you should have a game plan on what your day off may look like. Thinking of activities to do could be difficult, and the best thing to do is prepare ahead of time. Spending the day relaxing by the pool, speaking to a therapist, and even completing errands around the house is beneficial. When I take a mental health day, I like to watch movies and complete chores around the house. Things that I had to keep putting aside because of work, or life, become my top priority. Once I have finished my chores and the house smells like fresh laundry and vanilla candles, I scroll through Netflix and find myself a humorous movie. The simplicity of my mental health day helps me unwind and prepare myself for the hectic week I have ahead.  

Do all companies offer mental health days?  

Many companies do offer mental health days, especially if it is in a demanding industry. If your company does not provide mental health days but offers a certain number of sick days, you can always use those. When requesting sick days off, there should not require you to explain why you are calling out. You do not need to go into extensive details about your illness, and it is okay to keep it short and sweet.  

Companies benefit from giving mental health days.  

Companies can benefit from offering mental health days to their employees. When you offer employees mental health days, it allows them to refresh their brains and get a clearer perspective. Employees that take mental health days tend to come back refreshed and full of energy. When a company offers their employees mental health days, it will also boost morale in the office. A great thing a company can do after an employee takes a mental health day is a check-in with their employee to see how they are feeling after their day off. Showing support to your team members and following up with your employees can positively impact your company.  


Mental health days are beneficial for both employees and employers. When offering mental health days to your employees, they tend to work harder and be more driven after returning to work. Taking a mental health day does not need to be anything extravagant. If catching up on chores is how you want to spend your day, then do that. Choose what makes you feel happy and spend your day doing that. It is your mental health day, and you have the right to choose how you want to spend it.  

Danni Khoriaty
Lexx Healthcare


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