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Virginia Crit Care APP (Locums)

Richmond, VA

10-12 patients per day and flexible schedule for call, nights, and day shifts.

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Florida  Hospitalist  (PERM)

Orlando, FL

BC/BE Internal or Family Physician. Day shifts and flexible schedules.

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Florida Hospitalist APP (Locums)

Orlando, FL

BC Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner that can do 7 on / 7 off.

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Why Providers Choose Us

Why work locums?

Working locums gives a provider not only flexibility over their schedule but also the opportunity to travel while working. As a healthcare provider you can get paid to work across the country and help fill gaps in schedules. When a provider works locums, they get their travel, lodging, and malpractice insurance fully covered. Locums work maximizes the amount of money a provider can make in a year, while giving them the flexibility to work around their schedule.

Why hire locum providers?

Hiring locums gives a facility the opportunity to fill those tough positions. The shortage of doctors across the country is growing and the demand is higher than ever. Hiring locum providers helps secure patient satisfaction, keeping providers from burning out, and keeping gaps in your schedule to a minimum. In the medical world facilities are always restructuring their practices and using locums to help fill holes in their schedule. This gives facilities the chance to find that

Why Providers Choose Lexx Healthcare

Personal Relationships With Our Recruiters

Our recruiters at Lexx Healthcare make finding the
right locum tenens or full-time position easier than ever before. Working with one of our specialized recruiters not only guarantees you work but a partner throughout your medical journey.

Internal Credentialing

The Lexx Healthcare credentialing team is here to help. Our credentialing team helps with any facility paperwork and keeping our internally credentialed medical providers aware of certifications and licenses that may be expiring soon.

Licensing Department

The Lexx Healthcare sistering company “The Licensing Company,” not only ensures a quick and easy process when applying for any new state licenses, it also offers discounts for our internally credentialed medical providers.

Inhouse Travel Department

Our in-house traveling department makes working locum tenens easier than ever before. Our travel team takes away the hassle of booking your own travel and gives you the opportunity to enjoy your locum adventure.

What Our Clients and Providers Say About Us.

I have worked with representatives of Lexx Healthcare for the past several years. Most recently, the hospital’s need for locum tenens physician services has been in the Emergency Department. Regardless of the urgency of the need or the number of shifts that need coverage, our consultant was able to present several qualified candidates. We worked together on local providers, if available, to reduce costs. The consultant was responsive to changing needs and did follow-up to evaluate the provider. I recommend Lexx Healthcare as a locum tenens company. AS/jag

Avah Stalnaker, M.H.A.
Chief Administrative Officer AS/jag

Lyndon Hohenkirk MD


Next month will be August 2020 and it will mark four years that I embarked on a new journey practicing emergency medicine as a Locum Tenens working for Lexx Healthcare in Coral Spring, Florida. I had exclusively worked as an employee or independently contracted ED physician since 2003 at several hospitals. Initially, I was afraid and anxiety making the transition as a Locum Tenens emergency physician but Lexx has provided everything that I need to be successful. Throughout my four years working with them I’ve never had any issues with credentialing, travel arrangements, or scheduling. At each step of the way, Terun Pelletier has been there, offering not only support business wise, but also personally. She is always willing and ready to help with any issues that arise. The role she has played in this company has truly made me love the decision I made to begin and continue working as Locum Tenens physician for Lexx Healthcare

Nita FNP

I have worked with Lexx Health for one year now. They always treat me with respect and care on a personal level. Paychecks are always on time and if you have a concern, they address it. I am not just a number to them. I would DEFINITELY recommend them to any provider. They find you a job that is a good fit for
you. Erica is my go-to and recruiter! She is wonderful! When you work for Lexx you are part of a caring team and you are valued as such. Come on! What are you waiting for? Come find the job meant for you today!”
Nita FNP