Honest Passion for People
Treating all our providers and clients with the utter most respect. Ensuring that everyone we work with feels they are part of our team
It is important to be honest and fair. We treat all our providers and clients the same way we would want to be treated
Taking ownership in our work and striving for excellence. Creating an environment where our clients and providers can count on us
Being honest and sincere with all our providers and clients. We want to be the team you can trust in

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An Honest Passion for People

When you work with Lexx Healthcare, YOU are not just a number, YOU ARE FAMILY!

The Lexx Healthcare team has established itself as a premier leader in the permanent and locum tenens healthcare staffing business; and has grown since its inception in 2015, when 3 executives started this Journey. Our team of enthusiastic and professional consultants continues to grow and expand every day creating a fun environment and encouraging Teamwork and Communication. They dedicate their time and efforts in insuring that all our providers are truly satisfied. At Lexx, you can expect outstanding services from every one of our departments; from Executive Management to Consulting to Licensing to Internal Credentialing to Travel to Account payables.

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Erica Tricarico
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I have worked at Lexx Healthcare since 2017. I started as a entry level recruiter and advanced to a team lead and then a client recruiter. Currently, I am the team lead for several specialties, as well as, work directly with clients to fill their needs. There is definitely room for advancement, the opportunity to make an excellent living. The atmosphere is team driven and motivational. I am extremely happy with my career at Lexx Healthcare.

Cathy Langston
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Lexx Healthcare is an awesome company. As a provider doing Locums work the team at Lexx are always available to answer my questions and fix any issue that arises. Everyone on the Lexx Team are professional and efficient . I am proud to say that I work with Lexx Healthcare ! Thank you Scott Watson for putting together this amazing company.

Rob Snuffer
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Great company! The docs they provide have always been top notch. As an ER director they are great to work with. I am being deployed soon and have huge holes in my schedule. Not only did they fill the holes but worked with us on cost to lessen the financial burden on the hospital. Fred and his boss are easy to work with and professional every time.

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Scott and his team are the best. They are professional, responsive and easy to work with. They have supplied my company, SCP Health with really good providers to help fill in the gaps until we could get the site fully recruited. I appreciated their quick turn around time and attention to detail as well as how they address issues quickly and resolve them in a timely manner. They are my go to company for anything Locums!

Xenophon 1
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I've really enjoyed working with Scott and Dani -- they're super professional and personable. I'm always confident that they'll get me the best possible contract in a great location!
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Awesome recruiting firm. Fair market rates. Quick pay. Very responsive recruiters.
Garri Priyampolskiy
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Great company. Mr. Blasbalg is very knowledgeable and has been a pleasure to work with.

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